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Hands-off payroll that gets you there easily

When Logie CPA acquired the David Fortman practice in 2004, the Firm inherited a small payroll revenue stream.  By 2010, the majority of these legacy payroll clients were still clients of the Firm.  Payroll was being processed using QuickBooks.  It was a love-hate relationship - every team member hated having to process payroll as the payment and filing was essentially still “a manual process” but, the money was nice in mid July.


Logie CPA was forced to make a business decision.  Either exit the payroll business, or make the investment required to provide world class service that would compete with ADP, PayChecks and similar.


We chose to incorporate PayStub.


PayStub processes tens of thousands of paychecks each year.  Our typical client is the Sub Chapter S business owner with 2 or 3 additional employees.  Our service competes with best.  Our prices are more than competitive.  Our growth is just beginning. 


More importantly, however, our services cements our client relationships and provides an excuse for both us and the client to keep in touch.  This reinforced relationship helps ensure that the ‘surprises at tax time’ are minimal.


How much does Logie CPA's payroll service cost?

We bill a flat fee per run plus a per check fee. We do not charge for direct deposit.  PayStub Inc. matches or beats all our competitor fees. We NEVER charge you for calls pertaining to your payroll account.

Can I e-mail my payroll hours to you? Can I call Logie CPA with my payroll hours.  Does PayStub have a portal for uploading my hours?

We understand the challenges small business face meeting deadlines.  We highly recommend that all client input hours from their dedicated payroll portal to make sure the right employees are paid the right hours at the right time.  Once hours are input, we will review BEFORE finalizing and processing. Remember, we give you reports you can understand, journal entries to get your books right and so, much more!


Call 508.771.0329 EXT 101 for a FREE quote.  
We are sure you will be pleased!

Predictable cash flow management and low fees

Staff access to historical paychecks and W2's

Accurate and up-to-date tax deposits.

Reports you can understand.

Easy Submission with free Direct Deposit

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