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Our motto:

 “It is YOUR money,  look AFTER it”

underscores our commitment to ensuring clients not only understand what is happening with their wealth but recognize the importance of counsel with all financial decisions.

Firm History

Logie CPA PC is a locally owned accounting firm providing income tax, accounting and payroll services to the Small and Middle Business Market (SMB),  as well as individuals in the south-east region of Massachusetts, principally Cape Cod.


The firm was established in 2003 in West Yarmouth.


In early 2004, the Firm acquired the accounting practice of David Fortman EA.  The acquisition firmly established Logie CPA as a local accounting firm focusing on tax compliance and bookkeeping for local businesses.  


In 2005, the firm acquired it’s present office building and moved the practice to Hyannis.  In 2011, Logie CPA launched PayStub to provide the clients payroll services at an affordable price.


The Firm is well established, financially secure and staffed by a loyal group of professionals committed to providing an above average experience for all clients, at all times, no matter how difficult the situation.  The Firm strongly believes that the value of the client is in the referral and the longevity of the relationship.  No deadline, and no silly question should ever cause a client to believe that they are not important to the Firm.  


Logie CPA has earned a respect in the community both as a civically responsible leader and as a Firm that does quality work.  It is a reputation we are proud of.  It is a reputation that we seek to maintain.



Team Member: Gary Logie CPA MBA


Gary is a Certified Public Accountant and has a Masters in Business Administration from Manchester Business School [UK].He is married and the proud father of three teenage boys.  He owns rental real estate both locally and internationally, serves on the Board of Directors for a vacation rental agency and watches his retirement accounts, college savings accounts and all other investments like a hawk.  “It is my money.  I worked hard for it.  I am gonna keep it.” Gary is also active in the community having served on the Board of Directors of the Harwich Little League and Cape Cod Conservatory. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Harwich Food Pantry.  He likes to ski, run and travel and travel and travel!

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Lauren & Tim M.

Avon CO

"Owning homes and working in three different states makes for a complicated tax return. Logie CPA has been dazzling us for 5+ years with his knowledge, organization, timeliness, professionalism, and customer service."

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