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Gary has been my CPA for the past 13yrs.  On point, direct, professional, and a pleasure to work with.  Gary has guided me through various situations, self-employment, rental property, and of course, TAXES.  Highly recommended!, The best!

#1 CPA on the Cape

Shay P

Gary says it like it is; with a smile!  We trust him!!  Thanks Gary.


John S

My husband and I have been clients for about 10 years.  Gary has always provided solid advice.  It is amazing how much he knows about our business without actually being in our office.

We don't make a move without him

Dale C

Spend fifteen minutes with Gary and you will realize you are dealing with a brilliant man. Gary is congenial, efficient, and has handled my taxes flawlessly for more than a decade. I hate taxes but actually look forward to meeting with Gary because I know he has treated my filing as if it was his own and he is truly looking out for my best interest. 

Top Notch.

Mike M

The biggest surprise that you get at this office is the lack thereof. On time, on point and "rock" steady.

Consistent professional

Paul D

Good news, Bad news, Gary has always gotten us through. Thank you for all you and Lara do for us. Professional, funny and to the point.

Five * not enough !

Judith M

Gary, thank you for taking me as a client. There is a huge difference between you and my current accountant. The questions you asked indicate your attention to detail and concern for how you can best serve my company. It is obvious that acting in your clients best interest is your number one priority. I look forward to many years of working together. Regards, Dave

Thank you!

David D

Gary is very efficient, thorough, and keeps on top of things. As a result the outcome for this year was better than we could have hoped. He's the best we've ever had.

A great accounting experience

Charlie S

Profound sense of integrity..up front, astute and always available. Neatnik, (that's a compliment, Gary) no clutter, just professionalism at its best!


Nancy B

Sometimes the news is good, sometimes bad, but always direct. The only reason I give Gary five stars is because I can't give him seven. When called for, he will look at several what-if strategies to see which works best. He is far more efficient and communicative than any other accountant I ever worked, with and he keeps his sense of humor in the middle of the tax-time frenzy.

Plain-spoken, digs down for shrewd strategies

Stan E

Gary seems to quickly focus in on what the most salient issues are and takes a methodical approach to establishing a service blueprint. Great start to what I hope will be a very beneficial relationship.


Gary C

Gary is very thorough and professional and despite being busy as anything takes his time with each person.

Gary is the best!

Mary A

Always on the same page with my financial advice and planning. Gary has provided tremendous advice and support to our company.

Spot on advice and planning

Pat C

I wrote about Gary; Lara is awesome as well

Oops I forgot

Delores M

I have been running a small business for most of my career and must say that Gary and his team have taken all of the worry out of filing whatever paperwork is required.  They are extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and professional.  I can't say that  paying taxes is a pleasure, but Gary's expertise certainly goes a long way in eliminating the ancillary anxiety.


Ron S

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