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Our tax planning service focuses on helping business owners and individuals minimize income taxes, increase wealth, and reduce the risk of audits. 


Our client base includes entrepreneurs from a wide variety of backgrounds, including general contractors, specialty trade professionals, real estate investors and trades common to the Cape Cod region. 


We avoid using so-called "aggressive" strategies, gray areas, or red flags. Instead, we apply best practices and sound strategies to identify and explore the best methods to help a client manage their exposure.


At the simplest level, tax planning comprises an ‘upfront’ review of business structure, client goals and the development of a tax road map to achieve specified goals.  We encourage clients to meet with us at least twice a year to manage this plan.  The most important meeting takes place in the Fall when we review possible year end liability and recommend strategies for managing the same.  

As anyone explained your taxes to you?  Are you SURE you are deducting all you can to maximize wealth without raising 'FLAGS"?

Absolutely!!  Big, small, simple and complicated, we welcome ALL clients.  Since 2003, Logie CPA has prepared and filed in excess 10,000 tax returns for people starting out, new businesses, retired people, as well as, corporations with revenues in excess of $30MM per annum. We are proud of our long standing relationships with individual and business taxpayers on Cape Cod.  

Will I be involved in making decisions that impact my tax return?


Does Logie CPA prepare tax returns for individuals, as well as businesses?

Logie CPA believes that Tax Planning should extend beyond being the one-time hero that reduces tax liability as a result of a one-time purchase.  


While our responsibility will always be to recommend tax planning strategies, we strongly believe the client should understand the implications of such strategies and be part of the decision process.

How much does Logie CPA's tax service cost?

How long is a piece of string?  There is no easy answer to that question other than to say our prices are competive and we always give you a price BEFORE starting to work. 

Tax Planning

Tax Compliance


Tax Compliance is our fancy way of saying 'do your tax return'.  Logie CPA prepares, on a regular basis, tax returns such as Forms 1040, 1120. 1120S, 1065, 990 and 1041.  In short, we do it all.


No accounting firm could ever profess to enjoy tax season.  We believe, however, that our approach makes tax season as manageable as possible. This ensures our clients expectations are met on time and on budget.  Our survival strategies are centered  around four tenets:


  • Manage Expectations - We set clear deadlines for submission to meet timely filings.  Meetings are organized and on-point.  

  • Automate, Automate - We strive to be paper-less.  Embracing technology enables us to focus on efforts on review rather than data entry.

  • No Surprise Policy --We focus our clients toward a Fall Tax Tune-up, thus reducing the shock associated with tax surprises.  Our presentation of tax results avoid jargon but rather bridges results against prior period and/or industry bench marks.

  • Time Management -- To ensure that we do not forget ‘something’, client submitted material is vetted for completion prior to tax return preparation commencing thus ensuring the best possible tax result for all clients.

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