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Chris S says: 

When my tax man retired, I had some trepidation about starting the process with a new person, but was immediately put at ease during my initial consultation with Gary. He provided a clear overview of what he does and offered suggestions about tax preparation to fit my specific needs. I plan to thank the person who recommended Logie CPA.



Spot on advice and planning


Pat C says: 

Always on the same page with my financial advice and planning. Logie CPA  has provided tremendous advice and support to our company.




Ease with our questions


Ruth F says: 

Gary is very courteous and never makes you feel rushed. Always answering all questions with our financial interest in mind and what the best options are.



First call


Ralph P says: 

I would never consider making a move financially without first discussing it with Logie CPA. Their knowledge and ability to get to the core of the issue and the advice that they give based on this makes me very confident in moving ahead.



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Fears alleviated!


Nancy B says: 

Gary and his staff are so attentive and quick to alleviate any concerns or problems. You don't have to ask twice or wait for an answer...



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