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You Work Hard for your Money.

Do You Know Where it is?

Record keeping is more than debits & credits


We process after-the-fact general ledgers, as well as, live (outsourced accounting departments) bookkeeping.  Our focus is to empower the client, should they so wish, by training them to input transactions and supported by us for the period end close.


In order to maximize reach, Logie CPA also works with a number of outside bookkeeping firms retained by the respective clients while minimizing the number of clients for which we are responsible for monthly bookkeeping.  


Rather than viewing bookkeeping as a stand-alone revenue stream, Logie CPA views the assistance with the close process as part of an overall strategy to ensure maximum profiatbility coupled with tax effeciency.  As such, a client can expect not only regular financial statements but frequent reviews and commentary to ensure their financial goals are being met.

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How much does Logie CPA's bookkeeping service cost?

A lot less than you would expect.  We DO NOT bill bookkeeping services by the hour.  We bill a flat fee each month based on expected service delivery. We NEVER charge you for all those 'quick questions' or understanding your financial statements.

I have a very complicated (small) business. Should I outsource my record keeping to you or should I do it myself?

The problem with doing it yourself is that you are most likely to convince yourself that you will 'do it on Saturday.'  The question is 'which Saturday?"  We do not take our teeth out when we have a cavity.  Why are you planning to do your bookkeeping yourself.  Leave it to the experts.

We bring a LOT to the table:

Timely information.

Reports you can understand.

Accurate and up-to-date financial statements.

Accountable staff managment

Happy Bank Manager

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